About the event

This event is not only meant to summon leading scientists in the field, but in particular to attract young scientists of the region (and from all over the world) to the field of Optics with its fascinating new perspectives and developments of its applications.

It is already the 8th edition of this series of symposia which were started by an ICTP junior associate member from a developing country, Armenia, and became so popular that they attract participants from all over the world, including leading experts of world rank as lecturers. Already two symposia have been organised outside Armenia in Poland and Italy and another one in Russia is in preparation. With the event in Colombia this series of symposia will be the first time on the American continent and will give the strong signal of a success story to scientists in developing countries.


The first half of the Symposium will take place in the Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia; the second half of the Symposium will take place in the Quindio University, Armenia, Colombia. The Symposium OPTICS-2020 program will cover: plenary talks, invited talks, Students section, oral and poster presentations of registered participants, round-table discussions, laboratory tours and social event.


Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia 

Universidad del Quindío, Armenia, Colombia