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Mikkel Brydegaard

2013-2019    60% Associate Professor, Applied Molecular Spectroscopy and Remote Sensing,
Department of Physics, Lund University, Sweden.
2013-today    40% Research Scientist, Norsk Elektro Optikk A/S, Norway

2001-2007     Master degree in Electro-Technical Engineering, Lund University, Sweden. Specialization in
                    system, signal and transducers and also control theory. Thesis in optical spectroscopy.
2004-2005     Exchange studies, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela. Physics and control.
2005             Internship, Manipal Institute of Technology, Udupi, India. Research and lecturing in ultrasound.
2007-2012     PhD degree in Atomic Physics, Applied Molecular Spectroscopy and Remote Sensing; thesis title:
                    “Aspects of Optical Broad Band Spectroscopy and Information Extraction - Applications in Medicine and Ecology”,
                    Supervisor: Prof. Sune Svanberg
2015-2016     Habilitation as associated professor (Docent), Faculty of Engineering, Lund University

2007-2012     Doctoral degree on the topic, thorough hands-on, data experience and responsible for planning
                    of numerous field campaigns.

2011-today     Coordinator and engineer of hands-on workshops for remote laser sensing, instrumentation
                    platforms were constructed for labs in numerous countries, e.g., Kenya, China, Ivory Coast, Mali,
2013-today     Chief scientist for Lund University Mobile Biosphere Observatory, Lund, Sweden
2013-today     Chief engineer of prototype and commercial lidars at Norsk Eektro Optikk A/S
2013              Co-founder of entomological lidar company, FaunaPhotonics, Denmark, Spectral Ray, China
2013-today     Inventor of novel Scheimpflug lidars allowing kHz modulation spectroscopy,     
                         molecular gas sensing, multiband aerosol sensing, Raman and fluorescence lidar. Scheimpflug lidars have been
                        constructed in South Africa, Sweden, Norway, Ivory Coast, Tanzania and China.

2015             Awarded the ICLAS Inaba prize (International Committee for Atmospheric Lidar Sensing ICLAS)
2015            The Edmund Optics award for novel lidar work, 2015.